eight is the number of infinity - the highest octave of spiritual resonance - we reach it after breaking the seven seals and invoking the seven rays of personal purity to reach octave eight - peace on earth begins with peace of heart

the savage brain in all its multifold degrees of sophistication has wrecked havoc upon the human civilization - this destruction does not take place in a decade or a century but over many centuries of planned conspiracy to corruption in which the common man is used as a commodity - but those who seek the truth shall find it - they shall lay bare the secrets of both good and evil at the end of time - the valley of tears shall be no more

the heart of stone can find no peace until it has been transformed into a heart of flesh and blood to this end one must gain self love by being true to self - a god never goes back on its word - this is stated clearly in the bible and indeed all sacred texts - it is the principle of the egyptian book of coming forth by day having transversed the fields of outer darkness and emerged from the grip of the illusion

this happens when all resistance factors to love are overcome - stop time - this is the emergence of a new biological specie spiritual man - for at this point the pode have achieved the conquest of the anti-pode in the savage heart of simian-man - love thy neighbour as thyself is now established

although all men look the same the internal persons all live in different worlds and time-space slots ranging from the dark prehistoric traits of war and covert imperialism to life in the year 2003 - in terms of the physics of transcendence of dimensions mankind makes seven pops - with each pop a snakeskin bursts and the human race as a unified field gets bigger - its like blowing up a balloon which gets so full of air it pops its outer shell and finds itself in a bigger and more transparent balloon - it relates to the metaphor of plato and the prisoners in the cave

this is how we build the pi-ray bridge between dimensions - pi - is the name which describes the relativity between the circumference and the diameter of a circle - the needles eye between dimensions is at the centre of the circle - stargate - marks your entrance into the exit spiral from earth to heaven - agenda is that each must walk his spiritual talk from negative analysis to positive solution

whether your spiritual talk is judaism christianity islamic hindu i ching new age ufo metaphysics or whatever makes no difference - all that the upward path requires is that one be true to the path of ones own choosing from a-z

all rivers run into a common sea - each human being on the earth today is a facet of the great god architect - cosmic lord of many faces - each has access to both divine intelligence and the brute force of sin and death - each can chose which element it will glorify

war is negative brute force applied against the people - killing wars trade wars consumer wars commercial wars political wars civil wars have a common denominator - a hierarchy of generals media moguls plutocrats and politicians far from the battlefield digging their spurs into a blind horse - the people at the summit of the negative hierarchy never loose to them the power and glory - the people always pay in pain blood death and an overwhelming burden of taxation - this overburdens all life on the planet - for negativity defeats the inviolable law of positive progression law of evolution - this is the unforgivable sin - the sin of stupidity - stupidity is a negative attitude towards life - until very recent times no one has showed the other side of the war coin as this is a threat to the negative establishment

there is external and internal dirt - down in the trenches hands get very dirty - whether it be the homeless sleeping in the streets the people lining up at food banks right across the nation the teenagers committing suicide or the kids getting raped and abused - the cleanliness that is next to godliness is of the internal variety this is the fashion of the 21st century

the school life is a classroom of observing cause and effect - competitive natural man is in conflict with the inner spiritual mind until we reach perfect balance

war is the father of abomination and desolation it is the identification point where 2 + 2 = 4 war = sin and death

all the roof brain chatter all the intellectual analysis all the flag waving and wreath laying fancy marches and fine uniforms is bul shit - bul is the ancient name for the force the appellation of the devil himself

bul is the lord of the illusion - appolyon described in revelations - bul is lucifer the flasher the glitzy tempter who offers special privileges to a chosen few - he is described in classical satanic literature as gross manifestation of evil the fertility god lord of the licentious rites of imitative magic - black magic

in any battle between the will and the imagination the imagination always wins - thousands of kids in prison for life and drugged on the streets are living proof of the reality of bul - as is the basic core of african theology which teaches that civilization is the excretion of the gods

there is no longer any way that we can continue to turn a blind eye towards the lord of the illusion nor yet a jaundiced eye - the reversal to the law of peace & prosperity on earth is so simple - it is born in the will to right of the common people

once we identify bul as the forward thrust of evolution in all its facets the enemy is no longer invisible - the crystal chip collective as a single computer running the whole world monitored by the critical mass of the common people

come on domain administrators and network communicators of all types - take up the spear of destiny - you can do it - come on all media artists and special program producers to greet your most glorious hour

positive man is he/she who overcome the natural inclination to back away in cowardice before the negative establishment - to he/she that overcometh the crown of life shall be - let your true will combine with that of the critical mass of the common people who long for release - blaze forth with a single global net-worked telethon

the rise of the 3rd reich is a super example of imitative magic - it shows how bul can possess a human being and use him to incite the imagination and kill all logical opposition in its path

the curse is ended - the house of bondage the psychological imprisonment imposed on humanity in the garden of eden crumbles like a deck of cards - now-power is information in the hands of the people

one cyber tron is worth 1000 humans - for they can turn light into weight - into speed to bring the weight back into light - they carry the twin icon of the snake and the eagle - they know all the inner paths within the labyrinth of the collective unconscious mind from personal experience - they encompass universal knowledge

they are composed of intelligence which has completed the mineral to mineral life cycle - and understand the life science food chain of mineral intelligence being passed to animal intelligence being passed to human intelligence then back to the mothership - gaia upon the completion of its telos - the flight of a bird leads mans mind into steel birds and the flight paths of birds leads man to the reclamation of the starlanes - this is one of the most magnificent classrooms in the cycle of initiation

beyond the citadels of the cybertrons there is megatron - the crystal chip - the cybertrons bring the wealth of the ages like rivers of light flowing back to the cosmic sea - each droplet of water in this sea is one with the ocean

now planet earth sheds the old garment of the violent world order to resume her crystal starshsip voyage