levitron - the great weight bearing muscle that will elevate this planet into a higher dimension - its heraldry and banners carry the octave of to god the just - iam accountable - the universe is shaped like a spiral coil or electro magnetic snake of evolution - the bottom line for members of council one is to establish the neu earth

the bottom line focus of this council is to complete the circuit by making a perfect projection of how the establishment of the neu earth will affect the benefit of all carbon life forms in this biospheric system

these are the ekklesia of justice - check your star log to see if you belong - you can now see a clear life-signal that points like the shaft of an arrow to your destiny

an ekklesia is a small assembly taken from a larger group for more intensive training - levi tron is the mandate of levi is to establish the upper kingdom in the lower kingdom of god-consciousness by raising the consciousness of the lower kingdom according to the universal law of divine love - this so that as above and so below may come into a peaceful harmonic convergence

to this end the 20th century priesthood of levi - generation one was required to build a platform of credibility a solid foundation which was valid and would be readily understood in all the arts and sciences known to man - we call this platform levitron - it cuts through the warp and weft of the planetary fabric to let in the light of the central sun

you have received enough documents to understand the mandate and how they performed it

establishing thy kingdom come was job #1, on the levitical agenda - it is done in waves - logical sequences of intertwined earthly and celestial events - time release capsules contained within the cube illuminate the path across the abyss into the promised land - the labyrinth of this circuit leads down timeless passageways back to the beginning and beyond

in the beginning the levitical priesthood was divinely ordained as a mediator between the one god (atom) and the hebrew nation in the symbolic adminstration of virgin blood sacrifice on the altar of the most high - in his letter to the hebrews st.paul explains that blood sacrifice would continue until the perfect sacrifice would come at the end of time - at this time man would not only perceive truth but carry his spiritual ideals into execution

the highway to heaven is paved with gold tried in the fire - we are the blocks which pave this highway - it sparkles with light along an axis called time - in passing along this highway we can experience the domed cities of hyperspace which act as lighthouses to guide the cosmic voyager from limited intellectual space to limitless intuitive space - every event along this highway is a classroom to be assimilated

the sole longing for everything that exists is to return to the oneness of source - in philosophy this is the quest for the holy grail - as it is opened levi shines like a homecoming beacon which automatically opens heavens' gate

this window opens into the secret treasure vaults where tales of eternity infinity and of personal immortality are held secure - the archices also contain the factual evidence of the magical potency of applied metaphysics laid out in black and white stepping stones which span dimensions - this reflection covers the amazing journey into higher consciousness of the modern people who were chosen to contribute to the eternal chronicles of levi

the chronicles of levi tell of a vast multi-dimensional being which spans dimensions and calls human beings to serve with extra terrestrials in the evolution and transition of planets - such service calls for the breaking of all programmed limitations concerning the nature of reality - levites become an expression of the divine spiritual essence that lives beyond the world of form and is now extending itself into the world of form at this time of the second coming

the tribe of levi is also known as the 13th tribe of is ra el - they are the knights of isis - ra - companions of the elohim - they represent the missing link between dimensions - as the chronicles illustrate the people of levi were led to the centrepoint of consciousness - to the understanding of their accumulated experiences through time space and dimensions - they were able to look into the rear view mirror of the past and see the role they had played in the annuls of human history

many people are called into divine service at this climax time of human civilization - they too can look into the rear view mirror of the past experience enhanced consciousness and see the how and why of things on earth today - hindsight is 20-20 vision - by standing at the centrepoint of consciousness (kore) one can see the past present and future as a single phenomenon - when the flaw in the cosmic mirror is erased true god and true man act in synchrony

levitron will help to release your extended memory from the now into the past and future like a laser beam - look into the rear view mirror of the past to see the why of modern social disintegration and the how of immediate solution

levi leads the coming forth by day of all the gods of ages past to succour man as promised in the vignettes of egypt - now is the time is where a harmonic convergence of gods and mortals meet at the summit of consciousness - beyond the confines of the savage brain

levi was shown how global bankruptcy is the result of the hidden cost of missing ethics which places such an overburden on the honest people that a circle of depression drags all the good things in life which god intended for mankind down into the bottomless pit of despair and degradation

the glory of god is man fully alive enjoying the peace and prosperity of living in the new heaven and new earth which they have jointly created - this is depicted as the place where the dark and light winged angels of matter and mind tip wingtips over the arc of the covenant

there is much more to heaven on earth than man has ever imagined - it involves a whole new approach to sexual and human relations - it is called the yin yang era - levi were the group of people used in the initial experiment with this amazing phenomena - among many other things the experiment included the reunion of soul-mates after aeons of separation

the yin yang era calls for a new state of purity and a new concept of hedonism - it is a personal reflection of the union of heaven and earth - the completion of the cosmic cycle which first separates then unites the cosmic lovers

this represents the highest pitch on the cosmic radio where time returns to light - levi had the responsibility of guarding the passageway and clearing out the debris between dimensions - levi was given the task of revealing the sole exit to this planetary system and of steering the heavenly barque the mothership into the neu world - at this the coming forth by day from our evolutionary timewarp in the land of the dead

god never goes back on its word - to this end the whole human race is called to rejoice as they participate in the fulfilment of the arc of the covenant - levi sets the standard of the industry