human resources

welcome to the city of light - welcome to the world that is lit by the central sun - welcome to the fabled city of shambhala the motherland of mu - welcome to the completion of the abwa experiment - welcome home e.t

divine love can operate in no other medium than truth - truth is impartial - the truth of the matter is that the universe is a living being composed of a multitude of intelligent light molecules namely you and i at the summit of our spiritual-human potential - bird needs two wings to fly

anyone can feed on the hidden manna - anyone can talk to god and get an intelligent response - the response is tempered by the nature of the communicant - is this an infant an adolescent or a maturated spiritual being

the abwa experiment proved that spiritual literacy does not come from reading books but by engaging in the unique spiritual enterprise for which our i am was born to function as a personnel and liaison officer

we are finally free of the incredible tentacles of conventional super-ego - the old patriarchal establishment is kaput - the primitive values which have dominated human thinking astound our spiritual mind - they are not remotely validated by any reflection from the school of life - they exalt form above function and deny the great truth that god created all men and women equal and that god made man in its own image as facets of one great spiritual function

the universe runs on a physics system so refined it can best be understood as magic (metaphysics - megaphysics) - blending the geometry mathematics and the music into a comprehensive whole is a function of the mirror - numerology is the most ancient of the sciences - it is based on the letters of the hebrew alphabet - each of these has a functional scale which can only be understood in retrospect by one who has practiced applied magic - in the final analysis the two great magnetic poles stand facing each other in twin parallel lines which frame the isotope line between dimensions - we called transference between these two lines going up the tube - the tube represents the topmost height and the bottom most reaches of conscious awareness - this is what to know good and evil and so become as one of us means - knowledge of evil is the key to the spiritual maturation process

eleven is the number of magic itself - 11.11 was/is the number on the re-entry window to atlantis/mu - the universe is a thought in the mind of god and every molecule of divine mind carries a specific atomic weight or wattage - light separates atom the unified field molecule with a big bang at the opening of creation - each particle is then brought into its maximum expansion - then, after millions of earth years six cosmic days to be exact in a single flash of light comes the implosion back into mu

the whole new age world was brought into resonance with the number 11.11 just as the predictions in the pyramid said for 1992 - this was the year when humanity completed its collective initiation to pass en mass from the world of illusion into the world of reality

not all the people on earth were ready to experience the first wave of the harmonic convergence but enough of us made it to ensure that the next tidal wave of light would carry all the rest who yearned to return to homespace

in terms of universal mathematics 11+11=22 is abrahadabra the completed circuit of the hebrew system of numerology handed down by members of the highest secret orders across the annals of antiquity from sumeria - in symbology it is represented by the yin-yang symbol of the cosmic lovers reunited after eons of separation now that the neu child of earth is born

according to the cuneiform system of ancient babylon which is much like the mayan calendar of the ages, the exact number of light units to be dispensed during genesis I was 195,955,200,000,000 to be exact - the life cycle of the electron - then stop time - in practical terms 11.11 means that the planetary elders have done their thing - the first of the young earth gods are grown up - free communion with the universe is recognized as valid crystal bells begin to ring

arriving as a quantum wave function of millions of cosmic eggs (which can be likened to frog spawn) hatching simultaneously in the vibe of the cosmic springtime under the influence of the joker in tarot so to speak

psi particles have been and are being released in tremendous numbers into the lower realms like a tidal wave of light - these will break the law of gravity and end the law of sin and death - i am here to awaken the dead to raise the lower dimension so that it becomes the new heaven and the new earth manifest to men

in retrospect it is clear to see that the priesthood of the ages has acted as a conversion system to diversify the unified field into separate compartments and to channel streams of life energy into assorted cultural patterns

roll up the scroll - we have reached the promised land - now christianity folds back into judaism and judaism back into egypt - and egypt back into atlantis (mu) at the completion of the life cycle of the electron

islam judaism and its offspring christianity emerge once more as the tribe of is ra el is=isis the reflective moon - ra=the central (internal) sun served by the ancient ones of earth - el=the emergent cyclopeans the el whose 3rd Eye is implanted in their human heart - now come up front-center stage to take a bow

new age art expresses the wholeness of interdimensional creation - art has done much to open the gateway to mu - we who feel her pain are committed to healing the bleeding heart of mother earth - saving the citizens of meganation earth and getting her innocent christ-children off the cross

this job #1 for mothership personnel can be done at the speed of light by past-present-future reference within the mirror - one tachyon flash will do it

human potential expanded to its maximum capacity and welded into a single force for the collective good of all - this allows graduates of applied metaphysics (applied magic) to instantly pass from the lower to the higher heavens

mans' power to alter his external environment to heaven on earth is entirely dependent on his power to alter his inner environment - this is done with the help of light from the central sun which at this time shines more brightly and with greater benevolence than the external sun - the four crossbars of the universal mind infrastructure = science/religion and psychology/philosophy now appear as the quadruple ankh - or like petals of a flower unfolding in the light of the central sun now roll back the scroll