global solutions

people are the medium by which the invisible power of god is embodied in the holistic organism of the human specie - an outpouring of the holy spirit through the common man in the end times reveals god's wisdom - in that light is only measurable in terms of its contrast to darkness - so is god's wisdom revealed in comparison to the stupidity which surrounds it

how are the mighty fallen - while the meek are being raised to higher planes of consciousness the sons of ignorance still flaunt their male heroic virtues in the lower deck arena of the mothership - this time of bilan is the time of accounting - when the sum total of a nations wisdom or ignorance comes up front center stage for the whole audience to see

since the phrase the buck stops here was coined the common man has come to realise that he/she is the source of the buck that gets passed around to enrich the elite titans

in 1982 the international body of ngo's (non governmental organizations) working through the intelligence branch of the united nations took on the task of active research into various black holes in our national constitutions - we examined our countrys' laws politics religious bureaucratic and policing institutions - the gap between what each proclaimed and what went on was close to unbelievable - the stench was nauseating

but the nutritional value of the mind-food at the bottom of the bottomless pit promotes dramatic growth in the spiritual identity

there were many others making the same journey into the dank vaults of political history - the freedom of information act opened some of the closed doors of church and state the mental stature of these explorers springs up hundreds of feet almost overnight - it is like taking a trip through gullivers travels - little 666 men cannot hold the big 999 man in bondage any longer

there is power majesty wisdom love justice and mercy in grass-roots action - everyone has a contribution to make to the solution - the angel with the flaming sword is active on a global basis - we who are through the veil and beyond the heat of battle have a major role to play - we can turn heat into light - we are the common man not interested in conquest just wanting to make the best of life along with our neighbours - the lord has made his promise - blessed are the meek - for they shall inherit the earth

the meek are those who are in communion with the creatrix the creator and the archangels of the heavenly host - communication is made by means of an inner radio connection - these powers of mental telepathy are the latent evolutionary genius-talent possible in evolved human beings - inner radio broadcasts from our planetary elders have brought us this far - now we go all the way on faith - by following the directives of our highest selfhood we can plumb the depths and ascend to the heights of the planetary soul to find the answers everyone is seeking

a solid body of grass roots wisdom knows how to fix things without false vanity or false modesty - we don't need to stand on platforms talking about it - we claim our inheritance and act on it

grass roots humanity is both practical and tactical - global solutions is our down to earth feet on the ground strategy circuit - we can make the planetary flip from 666 evil to 999 live because we are each a 333 perfected being (ekklesiacs) called together

being called together does not imply forming a cult - each person has an independent spirit which is not bound to follow any mortal man or woman but to be governed by the dictates of their own heart - cult mentality can happen if we get into a comfortable but cramped cell cluster where a leader does the thinking for his clones - this hampers the growth of ones unique singular mind-cell to its maximum potential

the window of implosion from earth to heaven - it completes the rich metaphorical journey of the true and perfected snake of wisdom - amun-knepth biting its own tail - the buck stops here

there is much to do - but the mirror makes it easy by defining 144 territories to be covered - it also explains exactly how this can be done in gradients of communication - all we need to decide is the buck stops here

god loves the common man - the lower realm is filled with paper dolls marionettes tin soldiers puppets dancing to the will of the puppet master - the terrible twins of the cosmos - licence and luxury have left abomination and desolation in their wake - global solution reflects the perennial spirit of humanity - the common man - the backbone of the universe - the cosmic kundalini - the coral reef of civilization

by centering our burning tip of conscious awareness in the six pointed star of david we gain command over our folly rather than allowing our follies to be in command of the i am - we come in every shade of skin and social status - creed education and nationality - we are good hearted but firm - i wouldn't hurt you but don't push me is the attitude

the united nations and all the bureaucratic institutions of earth are dummy corporations dancing to the music of the puppet master - the tyrant beast of revelations - the tyrant has failed to heed all celestial warnings from the lords of light - the signs in the sky - the crop circles - the plagues - the starvation - the ecological disasters - the global recession

while puppet buffets puppet the tyrants will hold sway - only the blessed meek the 999 inner space people with 20-20 vision can clearly see that the anti christ is king of the lower world

20-20 vision across dimensions comes with hindsight - the third eye the all seeing eye of egypt the orb of thoth opens in the centre of your golden triangle of talents - hindsight of self - ones cultural stream clan tribe nation and its relationship to the global situation is crystal clear

where you sit in relation to the one that occupies the great white throne is largely a personal choice - it requires a giant or small step from fascination with the theory of metaphysics (religion psychology philosophy) to spring into action in the human classroom

developing crystal vision means seeing the light coming through people like the sun shining through a stained glass window - the quantity of people on course is largely irrelevant - we think in terms of atomic weight and megawatts of spiritual potential

abundant spiritual wisdom blends knowledge of the ways of the world and the way of the heavens - when tuned into the right wavelength we recognize that specific cells have messages magnetically addresed to them - there is a message loud and clear being broadcast direct from solar logos at this time

believers are receivers - to faith add understanding is the cosmic way - matriarchal impressions on the mind screen represent the end of the patriarchal era - it is like seeing a holograph of all sorts of things going on within our auric egg - this is the energy sphere that is wrapped all around us like a veil of energy

light energy defines the way in which we can restructure our lifestyle to upgrade our time-space orbit and move to our eternal destiny - the surprise ending at the close of the play is that black becomes white and white becomes black - the despised becomes elevated the elevated becomes despised

for example witches emerge as the wise women who have served the earth mother over time - they are the kind people who have dealt with healing across the ages - they manifest both divine love and spiritual law - the patriarchal priesthood tried to destroy them

the secret lies in communication with the earth mother and the elohim - to be excommunicated means insensitivity to both inner guidance and the crumbling civilization reflected back daily from our computer screens - it corresponds to being brain-dead - in metaphysics we call it psi missing

we have waited and watched the rise and fall of the warlike patriarchal era - the cruelty it has brought to animals and little children in its wake - we are filled with understanding of the cause and effect of the heroic male virtue sense of competition in the evolutionary drive of the human race - love-power is useless until it is exercised - this is what we are here to do

like a golden pyramid rising out of the ashes of the dying world - in the beginning of our relationship we were told that all you would be left with at the end of earth-time would be your sense of humour - this is true - the universe orbits around god the joker

we arrive when the atoms of our being learn to dance on the head of a pin - at the end of the universal thought god lets out a great shriek of primal agony for the awesome cost of creation - as the sun finally sees itself reflected in the golden harvest moon

in sharing the holy parents agony and the ecstasy we understand the price that love has paid for creation - we see the rivers of blood that have been shed for us to be here today - sharing the burden of knowing the cost of creation cannot happen until you unfold the full scope of your spiritual spectrum - until your own true and perfect snake of wisdom - amun-knepth - bites its own tail and your own ptah function - the lord of truth emerges

this is the moment when we complete our psychological circuit from human infancy to spiritual maturity - synergy comes in this moment of shared realization - we share the primal shriek - for all the agony of time spent in the rebellion - we experience a total understanding of life and death in that moment - the pitch of this shriek of understanding is what places each one in position in the spiritual hierarchy as we vow to guard the tree of life across infinity

this is the scream which pops your cosmic egg - we see through the pomp of babbling idiots and self-made martyrs - of tyrants twits and traitors clutching their symbols of temporal authority in ongoing attempts to exercise ceremonial magic (black magic) on the people... dance shiva dance

there is much to do - but the mirror makes it easy by defining 144 territories to be covered - it also explains exactly how this can be done in gradients of communication - all the grassroots people need to decide is the buck stops here