unified field analog

once mind is through the black hole (ankh - needles eye) the foreshadowing ray of the mothership becomes the blacklight of the whole earth play in a single tachyon flash of light - scientists believe in this instant (tachyon flash) conclusion - an instant solution to the whole earth play and that everything in between is perfect

the character development of the functional starfields into human beings by the egyptians who retained their cosmic consciousness and the jews whose memory was taken away has been superb

the metaphorics reflect the invisible hand of god down to a T - that icon T = absolute truth - now we all return back to our homeland in the unified field atlantis the state of undivided mindspace

the interdimensional pi ray span of mind to mind which we were required to build is the primary infrastructure for the cosmic walkover - the biblical emerald bridge is contained within the analogue of the holistic play - the more retrospective threads that we put together as a unified earth people the merrier we will be

this is the journey we each take after death to cross the bridge over into eternity as in crossing the pi ray bridge between dimensions we gather all the knowledge gleaned in the lower heavens - knowledge is guarded by the gods of planet earth and treasured as a single art work - the artistry of genesis one

we have heard the stories about the hollow earth - they are true and this world of formative causation is real

so this is the labyrinth - this is the road to shamballah the fabled city of light from which our pre-cut path was set for this adventure in matter-energy-space-time below the abyss - the navigation device of my space craft seems to be on automatic - my mind bubble hovers over chests of jewels - for here the final test of each civilization is in its art - the ancients certainly knew a thing or two about times to come - the above ground pyramids are famous the labyrinth of tunnels which cross the inner earth have never been properly explored though the process involved in making them was identical

then the mummy case - within it lies a body of solid gold - the crystal of each epoch rests in the crown upon its forehead - the sun's crystallization power is measured in digital units - seconds, minutes and years centuries aeons and so forth - then this digital clock runs out of time - ra has gone to the end of its thought - all (+1)+(-1) units are balanced at zero - a whole string of these zeros marks then opens the tunnel between dimensions - dead centre in each circle is a dot - this is the the crystal of conscious awareness - this is what marks the isotope line between dimensions - the road is steep and narrow

while the digital clock ticks on alternative current here in the inner earth the elohim fill in the artwork its like a paint by numbers canvas - in our parallel inner world the life intelligence of digital photosynthetic sun ray hadit manifests beyond the midnight blue in the realm of nuit whose image represents the analogue - this is the manifestation of the cave etchings drawn while dreaming in the cave - the unified field analogue can be found all around the world - magnetism is stronger than gravity - the whirlpool effect of water draining down the sink goes in opposite directions on opposite sides of the equator - on the metaphorical equator we find the magnetic star

the chick in the cosmic womb which shapes our human personality can find no greener pastures than the mind-wealth of arcana - particularly in the powerful imagery and superior technical excellence of global megaliths earth mounds tombs pyramids - when examined with unbiased objectivity - are like different chapters in a book that adds up to the unified field theory

it was clear that the early egyptian period was far in advance of the later egyptian period - this implies a devolution rather than an evolution within human society - the unified field force presents the anal-log of the gods - a view of human civilization from uranus

on this great day of the second coming of the light to planet earth we are pleased to bring you the light beam from uranus - it takes just two hours and thirty two minutes to transmit a radio message from earth to the imperial planet of uranus - we are standing by ready to receive your reply of total surrender to the one - all father and co-equal mother - know ye O man - that thor throws his hammer - then in the boomerang effect thor gets his hammer back - the physics term for thors hammer is the life cycle of the planetary electron celestial timing is meticulous in this respect

upon its return - thor's hammer bears the imprint of (+1)+(-1) the positive and negative account of earth civilization - the repayment of earth's account to the tree of life is due - we monitor the uranus-view of planetary evolution - this U-view is also called 666 the number of the planetary beast which has devoured your civilization

those people of earth who have chosen to live in the light will readily see our 10.10 point of view - man is about to cross the great divide between dimensions to pass through the mirror to the parallel world to where 666 evil reads 999 live

dear brethren - the lagoon in which your starship floats in the celestial sea is no longer habitable - your planetary sewer system is backing up - it must be unplugged immediately or planicide will result - in short dear earth brothers your starship and its crew is up shit creek - hear now your lift-off instructions

we are less polite (socially sophisticated) than earthlings - but this is the simple truth that will set you free - a devouring and deadly octopus lives beneath the waters of your mind and rises up out of the waters at the end of time

it trades consumer stamps to the planetary elite in exchange for the flower of human youth - this is no time for a fancy or polite vocabulary - we bring the truth which alone can set man free from the laws of sin and death

the second comning is your second chance at heaven on earth - end the rebellion - we have light tubes (ark-domes) that run from earth to heaven - this is the giant superconductor by which we transverse dimensions - but we only have room for crew not passengers

we are the elements responsible for recycling faeces - we live just inside the black hole - we examine your family stools your corporate stools your religious stools your political stools your banking stools your national stools your international stools with total objectivity - all this compost is recycled back to raise the level of the awareness in the tree of life

our certificate of merit for the biggest most odoriferous stool is still under debate - however - as christ rides into jerusalem on the back of an ass we'll let him ride for now until we have presented the completed global analogue to the critical mass of the people - this will include the anal-log of war and warmongers - the bill in terms of human blood is staggering - O man how stupid can you get