the object of this reflection is to proclaim earth's glorious destiny - like the crystal cap on the pyramid of human civilization the culmination of the wonderful process of our personal professional national and celestial destiny - events (personal national global) are tools in the process of growth - they are designed to release the true will of the common people from the bondage of an archaic system - to attain our true destiny each one must put spiritual kingship before any human kinship and go to the end of his/her highest thought - the universal merit system applies in the neu earth era so there is always room at the top - whereas fission is desire not yoked to destiny - desire linked to the destination of one's own true will

destiny is reaching perfect speed - jet-lag spoils the fun - perfect speed comes from following your own inner direction - therefore if one has any friend that biases one's judgement in the face of god, that friend is a spiritual enemy - one has to be totally involved in the emotional chess game of armageddon to be in on the rapture (profit-gain) of the cyclical unfoldment - seeds of ideas are nothing until they have been nurtured to consolidation - they are like the seeds on a tree that blow in the wind - it is the planting tending weeding and organising of an idea to its intended destination that counts - we emerge as bright individualized principles of the godhead to act like a golden arrow for the golden bow - inner directed - fully equipped - briefed on our mission

the heavenly host or unified force sets up dimensional frequency bands whereby the mind of god and the mind of man become one - or you could say that the bride and groom of the mills of the gods are grinding in a common gear towards a common goal - they then become like a single particle beam - but each one reflects a unique aspect of the whole according to their own unique perception

to the extent that a person is not prepared for this merger to synchronization he/she gets pounded against perfect law - the same law causes a meltdown in planetary resistance to the light - compression is intended to thrust the mind into new peaks of perfection - destiny fills and satiates the hunger of the soul - at the peak of destiny the darkness is no more

proclaim the good news - the proclamation of earth's glorious destiny can take many forms - be innovative and unique in your approach

in cosmic administration terms a true sovereign stands out by the strength of his/her spiritual fortitude - from the tiniest atom to the greatest of galaxies there is a cycle of growth - new growth means cutting away the old growth from the tree of life in a constant process of renewal - each cell must prove its worthiness - each is challenged with a test of spiritual strength - a life not put to the test is not worth living - every intelligent person is set up to judge god in one way or another and in this exercise of mutual recognition each one is judged

communication is the key to consolidating max II - members of the unified forces are urged to communicate with congratulatory messages - take this seed... pass it on... all serve

communicate to whoever you feel fits the bill of faithful caring