cultural excellence

one perfect man and one perfect woman is the recipe for global transmutation - to this end, self-perfection is the goal of one's lifelong agenda - this is done by mirroring one's coarser self against the mirror of the gods - according to the wisdom of the book of the dead - there are forty-two mirrors to match in equal perfection - this is how we erase personal flaws to reach the specification needed to enter - personal cultural and spiritual excellence is the true aspiration of every human soul - it is the special place where you live forever crowned with the jewels of relationship in the palace of the ultimate you - it represents one's permanent infinite heavenly homespace - it is the place where the world the universe and everything that's in it stands still - i am completely absorbed in the rapture of being little flame

the ruby room of life is built to our most exacting specifications over many distillations in the refinement process of the school of life - to reach this place beyond matter energy space and time the virgin selfhood undergoes the cleansing fire of many volcanos - many experiences of passion and compassion

each life experience is intended to fit us to our specific ruby room - i fit the room and the room fits me - the room is (-1) in the universal equation and i the mobile unit which goes seeking treasures to bring back into the ruby room am (+1) - in this moment we are (+1)+(-1)=0, for the mansion of mind and i are one

mind and matter merge in the world of creative imagination - which came first - the chicken or the egg - the person or the room - i cannot say - there is no beginning and there is no ending of my relationship with the ruby room and its occupant - little flame - - i was - i am - i will be - - ak-ka-ba

it takes a lot of fitting filing the rough edges and polishing to get here - the living decor in the foyer is composed of holographs of the divine love relationships that brighten or dim as the consciousness passes through a specific room and lights on a particular image - the light from the holographs scintillates in every delicate shade texture and patina imaginable - from the foyer i can pass right down the time tunnel that goes right back through the mists of antiquity to when little flame was very young - i am the universal virgin - i am the black madonna

here in the ruby room i am totally independent of any external circumstance - i am - this room can be conceived as being situated at the top of a tower yet being in the same physical space as where the mortal body lives - it is a question of being closer to or at a greater distance from your central core

to get here pass through the crystal gate of logos onto the sea of tranquillity the sea of glass then at the gateway carefully compose the left brainfield to make the transcendence from chaos to cosmos - this feet-on-the ground organization aspect is essential for balance before you become a living starship and can travel the universe at will

most religions in their inner mystical circles teach man can fly - earth was first inhabited by sky beings the sons of god who came to interbreed with the daughters of simian man

every man and woman is a starperson - we are living creatures extending our experience into matter - we (you and i) evolved on other planets - we are born in deep space of cosmic dust and gases - we move back into our permanent bodies of pure light energy when our journey into time and space is complete