crystal of atlantis

since 1983 the mothership has been broadcasting a coherent program for shredding the old social fabric so that everyone could step right through into atlantis - the state of undivided mind

the blueprint for future man or true humane being is an extension of the original blueprint for this planetary system - it shows how the unfoldment has been accomplished with precision accuracy from alpha to omega

structured religion is the womb of man's growing spirituality during the developmental age - mature spirituality allows an harmonic convergence back into the one idea

the mirror reflections form the crystal of atlantis which reveals and consolidates the mystery of god from the first arrival of the light beings right through to the second coming of the light - all consciousness is geared to attain the planetary objective

at the climax of the earth play "time" returns to light; putrification achieves purification via a time-bomb sequence of cultural shocks in a wake-up technique

this method-view includes a panorama of the strategy, tactics and methodology used to manifest the conquest of matter energy time and space - matrix of the universe reborn - regenerated - revitalized - the decisive battle between the forces of good and evil is won - gaia/galaxia is a single organism which now emerges with a higher degree of dynamic tension and complexity than ever known before - to be served by a whole new specie - maturated or true man

scientists know exactly how this (-1) feminine source vs (+1) masculine force happens - but all separative-minded professionals use a mumbo-jumbo which omits the key element of the cosmic lovers eager to raise an earthly family

imagine a bunch of ping pong balls all bouncing around in space - there is a central ball (the heavyweight) which knocks these pixels off course in a growing fission.... such as is being employed in cyberspace - once one ball (psi particle) completes its magnetic journey all the other balls are brought into fusion - it is like a male sperm penetrating a female egg - but only the matched pair of yin-yang units can complete the merger

the only waay to build a pyramid - or pyramid of fire is from the top down - for this we first have to drill the the centre of the crystal earth to get to shamballah - once the principle of parallel dimensions is understood the egyptian book of the dead comes alive in the hieroglyphics on the walls of the tunnels in the tombs in the valley Of the kings

there is (-1) the immovable object and there is (+1) the irresistable force the mobile mind unit - before the big bang each (+1) pixel had a (-1) bar code number printed on it so to speak - the trick is to get your ball into the right slot in the original picture of the finished product - pixels move from steam to droplets of water to streams to rivulets to rivers to a tidal wave all coming into the central sea - its like a holograph solidifying from mist to matter

the question is are you waiting for god or is god waiting for you - ask where do i fit in - which is my stream - where is my river - please lead me into the light