man graduates as the caretaker of earth - reads every headline in every media outlet around the world - the marriage of the a-b-c-d mind holds the total solution to our global woes - the banners wave from every street corner - under this determined assault from digital logic political resistance evaporates...

meganation earth is the rise of the true human race - with the idol of golden calf removed as god we can reduce mountains to a molehills in short order and get on with our common interest - sustainable to abundant planetary domestics

we are all indigenous to planet earth by birthright - we all have shares in this global corporation - in claiming this power we can stake out our social territories and exercise our innate birthright to be the husbanders of the world

pure intelligence insists that the command to populate earth is passe along with the reign of primal energy - these belong to an era when people were always subject to attack so needed defending or manual labour meant prosperity and social stability - in some parts of the world it is still considered immoral for a man not to have children - but as techno-logic makes laborious jobs almost superfluous a poleshift from having many children comes via digital solid state silicon reckoning

by cutting out the excess of glitz and starting with a three day work week the stress factor that is decimating our society would diminish rapidly - everyone would have that most precious of commodities - time for companionship and leisure - light beings have been taught how to take this major step into the neu earth era

psychotronic warfare only works when self love is absent - we have played the fool's game long enough - one function of levitron which we met in column one is to raise biotron - its role is to break the law of gravity which binds earth and her people to bondage in the lower realm - biotron is the incredibly intelligent cosmic womb in which we live and move and have our being in the world of mind and matter - biotron and her bacterial empire is god's translation unit designed to fashion new worlds from old - the mind-threads (quarks, psi-particles) of the father mother one

we can see biotron in her final series of con-tractions as mind and matter synchronize to give birth to the divine child of earth the creative intent of one mind - our lady has been veiled in many words across the ages of creation - she is the feminine principle of the god-head the great matriarch isis the virgin mother of the gods -gaia - geb - galaxia - nuit - starship earth - the motherboard of creation

language is the snake in the garden of eden - words are the path that led from the idyllic garden of the unified field where all life is one - words set up the infrastructure of the patriarchal era in which the forward thrust of evolution would eclipse the world mother - words are the path of reconciliation which allow us to travel back again to source - back to the beginning with the maturated eye of biotronic god-men

life-energy and matter are variations of the same thing - the smallest particle of matter in whatever form is part of the one - i am all in all is the opening sentence in the book of life - life energy is bent towards a positive conclusion after each exercise in perplexity and complexity is geared for the upgraded dynamic tension of the planetary fabric and the mutual benefit of all particles in a singular creation

the ethnic cleansing theme is misunderstood - it is a primary step in planetary domestics en route to man's emergence as a meganation - this theme is visible from start to finish - fission ends in fusion when our domestic affairs as a human race are neatly organized and administered - ethnic cultural ideological and political cleansing begins at home - the deadly enemy is not out there - the deadly enemy is the negitron which is always all ways within its host-victim

worship is a positive and orderly response to creation - your daily life is your religion - ethnic cleansing has nothing to do with the popular viewpoint of one culture being better than another - in the unified field there is dead man's blood and there are white healing cells - there is a variety of each of these cells positive and negative in all the ethnic political and ideological systems in the world

the vengeance hangover dead man's blood is like a deadly cancer in our human blood stream - it is the bloated few who sit atop the patriarchal pyramidal hierarchy grasping the power raping our holy mother and blocking the life energy flow to the critical mass of the people of all tribes and races

human blood and the water of life are inter-changeable once one has passed from the exoteric to the esoteric world - in even deeper metaphysical esoterics the liquid word of god finally crystallizes into neu earth era cells when the global putrification to purification process is complete

man is born of the bacterial empire - each micro cell in this unified field has a function - each human being is a macro cell commanding a micronesic universe of mini-cells... in the image of its creator for the one works the same way - all cell nuclei are geared to serve the one life of this great star ship - anti-life cells destroy everything but they primarily attack the particular cluster of cells of their ethnic origin

however once cultural ideological and ethnic cleansing is complete the world will be regenerated and our planetary domestics will be whole again

all legal systems are set in place for a smooth transition to millennium - the obvious pathways are already cut into the existing planetary fabric - there need be no muss no fuss no bloodshed as we switch course from the negtive outcome of chaos and desolation and sail into an instant millennium on earth

millennium is mankind making an orderly response to creation - planet planning is something that each person can and has the right to contribute to in a direct democracy that will embrace each adult member of the human family

intelligent planetary engineering is well within our grasp - science (most particularly the science of metaphysics has all solutions once the common positron overcomes the common negitron and the crown of life is set on every human brow to replace the crown of thorns

glorification of all forms of life is the solution - heaven on earth begins with setting your own house in order above and below - for there are many mansions (countries and cultures) in the fathers house

the millennial transition has already begun with the appointment of a global police force of relief and restoration - among its provisions, it says anyone has the right to change their citizenship - we can do a voluntary change of citizenship to citizens of earth

the protection of each cultural heritage will be unaffected by this change of first fidelity to our lady gaia - the wise elders of the human race from the indigenous people from around the world to the most brilliant first world scientists already agree that earth is a highly intelligent and sacred lady - by making her the positive centrepiece of our global charter of life rights for all elements of creation - we are saved and the positive outcome of our planetary domestics is assured