be still

there is an undivided universe which rests at all times in perfect equilibrium (-1) the rock of ages and the divided universe of (+1) motion - this final mirror is where we make our move from fission to fusion - endless bliss is the result - the cosmic consciousness to reveal the epitome of truth and beauty - be still and know that before the absolute masculine all other particles in the universe are magnetically feminine - the absolute is the rock of ages (-1) from which all life originate to which all life returns - glom on - the house of bondage is the house of pre-conditioning into a set mind-track that runs through the underground labrynth from alpha to omega and our exit in the neu era - the wheels that run the cosmic play are pumped by little feet that run faster as the tempo increases - fission becomes fusion when worlds (-) and (+) masculine and feminine word and verb their energy spent embrace at zero - this is the esoteric concept of the snake biting its own tail

mindless violence and mindless euphoria signal the end of the energy dance of the 2nd coming of the light - this is the dance of shiva when zeitgeist plays upon the harpstrings of our preconceived ideas in ever increasing tempo - for all thought is some type of fissionable material - civil war ravages the cities of the nations as men define their concepts of a spiritual position in ways that they have been preconditioned to understand them - then we step off the wheel of karma the victory won

the whole world trembles on the brink of anarchy as cosmic fire flashes up and down the lightning rod of the internal man causing tremendous inner fission - when this fission reaches a certain peak of intensity there comes a small voice on the inner radio - peace be still - for the release of 20-20 hindsight can only come when the mind is like a still reflective pool

stop time little feet change track stop fuelling the wheel of negative karma - mountains of positive karma have been built up over our journey - because for each action there is an equal an opposite reaction

fission ends instantly in the twinkling of an eye the world stands still - then the unseen hand which is by now made visible by its movement begins to turn the electromagnetic sphere of earth in the opposite direction now we understand the earth play from the point of view of absolute intelligence

go right to the end of the final step and to the resolution of all conflicting concepts to root out stray preconceived ideas - the path is steep and narrow but the way is lit more brilliantly with every upward step - all loopholes close as one completes the walk across the pi-ray bridge between dimensions - truth needs no explanation only reflection

the esoterics that all come together at the end of the world as we know it are incredible - here is where we get an iris connection with the absolute the beam is lifted from our eye - the theatre of mind which was formerly in darkness is all lit up as time returns to light

the agelong battle between the source of good and the force of evil is won as man regains its balance - we receive the rites of passage back to our home - both the exit from one dimension and immediate arrival in another dimension up above without loss of any of the things we want to keep forever - it represents an act of instant transformation

as the curtain opens on a neu era the audience is hushed and expectant the new play opens with flash-backs leading to the continuity-bridge the pi-ray bridge between dimensions - the wondrous crystal city shines before our eyes - time is no more

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